Submitting a Referral for a Client

Please read the information below prior to submitting our Client Referral Form and To help us process your referral as quickly as possible, please provide all of the information requested on the form. If you have general questions about referring a client or scheduling a client appointment use the Agency Contact Form to contact Household Goods.

Once we process your referral, we will confirm an appointment date and time with you by email. It is your responsibility to notify your clients and confirm that they are prepared (with mover, truck rental, or other vehicle) to keep their appointment.  Please do not notify your clients of a requested appointment date and time until you receive a confirmation email from Household Goods.

Please explain to your clients that it is important for them to keep their appointments. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows takes away appointments that could have been used by other families in need.

  • Ask clients to provide advance notice to you if they need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. You are responsible for contacting Household Goods with this information by email or phone (email is preferred).
  • If a client does need to reschedule because of unexpected circumstances, make sure they know that we allow only one rescheduled appointment.
  • Clients are allowed only one lifetime visit to Household Goods.

Make sure your client has the following information before the visit to Household Goods.

  • Items Needed

    You can print out our recently updated Client Checklist to help your clients plan for their appointments. 

  • Client Hours

    Distribution Hours for Clients (confirmed appointment date & time is required)

    These are the appointment times you can select from when you request a preferred appointment date & time.

    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  9AM or 10AM
    • Thursday: 1PM or 2PM
    • Tuesday, Saturday: 9Am, 10AM, 1PM or 2PM

    See our Calendar for Holiday Closings.

  • Information for Clients

    We strongly advise asking a friend or family member to help translate if clients cannot communicate well in English. This will help shorten the duration of the visit and will help clients better communicate their needs to our client assistants.

Clients are expected to keep their appointments

  • Cancellations and No Shows prevent other families from getting the items they need. If your client needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment, the client should notify you. You can then contact Household Goods with this information.
  • Please note that if a client needs to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances, we allow only one rescheduled appointment.
  • Clients are allowed one lifetime visit to Household Goods and should arrange access to a box truck prior to scheduling an appointment.  Our volunteers will load a box truck but not personal vehicles as these would need to be loaded by the client.