Referring to Household Goods

Please read the information below prior to completing a referral to Household Goods.

Determine Eligibility

Verify that your client has a need for our services and has no other resources to obtain furniture on their own. Most of our clients are in low-income households and are transitioning out of homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, have a disability, or are elderly.

Create a Transportation Plan

Determine how your client will transport the furniture and household items from Household Goods into their home. A rented box truck such as U-Haul is recommended. If clients come in an open vehicle or wish to use a roof rack, they are responsible for safely securing their goods to the vehicle. Our Transportation Checklist can be a helpful tool to share with your client.

Submit a Referral

If your client is generally flexible, please select that option on the referral form with best days of the week and general availability.

If your client needs specific dates, please submit the referral form with two possible dates your client could come to Household Goods with a truck. These dates are not confirmed until you hear back from us. 

  • Appointments are made on: 
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  9am or 10am
    • Thursday: 1pm or 2pm
    • Tuesday, Saturday: 9am, 10am, 1pm or 2pm

Household Goods Reviews Referrals for Eligibility and Appointment Availability

Once approved, we will confirm an appointment date and time with you by email.

Notify Your Client

Once confirmed, notify your client of the date and time of their appointment

  • Please do not notify your clients of a requested appointment date and time until you receive a confirmation email from Household Goods.
  • Provide all the information your client needs to attend their appointment and transport items from Household Goods into their home.
  • Provide all necessary support so your client has a successful appointment

Checking on a Referral

The best way to check on a referral or to ask questions is to reply to the last email you have received from us regarding the client or contact us here

Transportation Assistance Program

We know getting furniture from Household Goods into homes can be a challenge. Even so, each year 2,500 families work with their referring agencies to arrange transportation from Household Goods so they can furnish their homes with items we provide free of charge.

Household Goods created the Transportation Assistance Program in response to agencies who had extremely vulnerable clients they could not refer because there were no resources, support, or options for transporting furniture from Household Goods.

Learn More

General Information

  • Our program is staffed by volunteers
  • Please tell your client not to come to Household Goods if they or anyone in their household are sick with any illness or have been exposed to COVID-19. We will happily reschedule their appointment.
  • We limit the number of people in our building at one time. Only 2 people from each appointment will be allowed in the building.

Planning for the Appointment

Truck Rental Options

Help your client reserve the rental truck in advance. Download our listing of truck rental options here.

Items Needed

Complete the items needed Checklist so your client is prepared for their visit. Please note this is not required, but may be helpful for your client. 

Don't Get Stuck

Review our Don’t Get Stuck information with your client to make sure the items they choose will fit through doorways, around corners, up stairs, into elevators, etc.


If your client does not speak English, please arrange for someone who can translate to accompany them to Household Goods or to join the Zoom if the appointment is virtual.

Information for Clients

Make sure your clients understands:

  • All the items are used and donated by the community.
  • Our inventory fluctuates daily, and we cannot guarantee specific items
  • Everything must be taken on the day of the appointment.
  • They are expected to keep their appointments. Cancellations and No Shows prevent other families from getting the items they need. Please contact us as soon as possible if your client needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment. We will only reschedule once.
  • Clients are allowed one visit per lifetime to Household Goods.

Checking on a Referral

The best way to check on a referral or to ask questions is to reply to the last email you have received from us regarding the client or contact us here