Transportation Assistance Program

We know getting furniture from Household Goods into homes can be a challenge. Even so, each year 2,500 families work with their referring agencies to arrange transportation from Household Goods so they can furnish their homes with items we provide free of charge. Household Goods created the Transportation Assistance Program in response to agencies who had extremely vulnerable clients they could not refer because there were no resources, support, or options for transporting furniture from Household Goods.

If approved for transportation assistance, we may be able to:

  • Provide the referring agency with a truck rental gift card to cover the cost of a truck rental. The referring agency and client would be responsible for gas, additional mileage and fees.
  • Cost-share with the referring agency for a professional mover
  • Arrange transportation of furniture from Household Goods through community groups or commercial movers

The limited resources for this program are reserved for the most vulnerable applicants with demonstrated need. Eligibility will be considered for:

  • Someone who is moving out or has moved out (within the last month) of a shelter or other transitional housing AND
  • Has an empty home and needs at least three of the following items from Household Goods:: Mattress, dresser, dining table, couch AND
  • Needs at least three additional large items from Household Goods, such as a set of dining chairs, an upholstered living room chair, bookcase, two or more end tables AND
  • Has no other way of obtaining furniture AND
  • Has exhausted all other transportation resources AND
  • Has someone at their referring agency committed to, and responsible for, working closely with them and willing to ensure that they can complete their appointments AND
  • Is not seeking to replace existing furniture or living in a partially furnished home.

What is the application approval process?
Each application is reviewed and appropriate assistance is provided based on availability of resources, needs of the client, and level of support by the referring agency. The process of reviewing applications, determining eligibility, and allocating resources generally takes one to two weeks.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a specific situation please contact us prior to submitting your application at