Make a Difference Every Month

You can help someone make a home right here in Massachusetts.

When you donate to Household Goods through regular monthly donations, you are choosing to really make a difference. Your monthly support helps Household Goods continue to fulfill its mission to provide people in need with help furnishing a home.

Why give monthly?

When you donate to Household Goods on a monthly basis, you provide consistent support to fund the ongoing needs of helping people make a home. This means people who come to Household Goods will be able to have beds with pillows and sheets, a dresser, table and chairs – all helping to create a comfortable home environment.

Monthly donors can make automated monthly payments of any amount by credit card, through donor-advised funds, through their bank, or by sending in monthly cash or check donations.

A monthly donation is simple to set up, saves time and effort, and helps Household Goods help people make a home month after month.

More reasons to become a monthly donor:

  • Automatic payments are time-saving and convenient
  • Smaller donations add up to a larger donation over time
  • A regular flow of funds helps Household Goods in its day-to-day planning
  • Your donation will be put to work immediately, month after month

How Can Your Monthly Donation Help?

Here are just a few examples:

$200/Month or $2,400/Year

Provides truck rental vouchers so 20 families can transport goods and furniture from Household Goods to their homes

$120/Month or $1,440/Year

Furnishes homes for 5 families in need

$80/Month or $960/Year

Provides beds for 12 people in need

$50/Month or $600/Year

Furnishes homes for 3 families in need

$20/Month or $240/Year

Furnishes a home for a family of 4

$5/Month or $60/Year

Furnishes a home for a single individual in need

Your donation will help:

  • Veterans
  • Those recently homeless
  • Those fleeing domestic violence
  • Children, youth, or elderly in need of services
  • Those living with a disability or illness
  • Families trying to get by on minimum wage