Why Donate Your Couch? Your Tables and Chairs? Your Kitchen Items?

Furniture donations are especially critical for low income families who are forced to make difficult choices between buying food, furniture, prescription drugs, children’s clothes, or school supplies.  If you have furniture or household items that no longer fit your lifestyle, but are still useable, there are innumerable people who could benefit from your donation to Household Goods.

Your donations of furniture and household items can give the recipients a feeling of security, comfort, and home.

Your donations can help formerly homeless people who are transitioning to housing, the working poor who don’t have enough income left over after paying for necessities, elderly people on fixed incomes, abused women who leave their situation and seek new shelter, families who have lost possessions or their homes to fire or other disasters, refugees from war-torn countries who resettle in the United States, and people who have lost their jobs.

Your sofa donation may mean a child does not have to sleep on the floor, a kitchen table and chairs make it possible for a family to eat together, a dresser gives a child a place to put his treasures, or a microwave oven might make it easier for an elderly person to prepare meals.  Finally, furniture donations decrease overflowing landfills.

Adapted from volunteer.org; Originally published Nov 2011; Updated Nov 2015