Story of Support: Boston College

Jan 9, 2016

Boston College and Household Goods are entering the fifth year of what has been an extraordinarily successful partnership. Since 2011 BC has been generously donating the beds, couches, chairs, tables and bureaus that are routinely replaced during the college’s ongoing dormitory renovations. Because of BC, Household Goods has been able to maintain its inventory of large furniture through the winter months when the need for them remains high but donations tend to slow down.

BC Clean

Another component of this collaboration revolves around the annual dormitory move out ritual which generates a significant number of items as students prepare to leave for the summer. To save anything reusable from ending up in landfills, BC conducts an annual week long drive as part of its BC Clean initiative to encourage students to donate goods they no longer use to those who need them. BC students help create Household Goods’ biggest contribution week of the year with more than 6,000 items collected. Contributions include lamps, microwaves, blankets, sheets, towels, coffee pots, toaster ovens, televisions, shelves and assorted miscellaneous items. With BC’s support and the students’ help we hope to generate the same volume again this year.

This partnership effort generates more than contributions, however. A wonderful spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm is created by members of the BC community, BC students, Household Goods volunteers and Circle Furniture which has generously provided its trucks and employees to help during the move.