Story of Support: Alice Wiggin

From Veterans who have served overseas to young mothers setting up a home, clients are delighted to be able to take home sewing kits assembled by Household Goods volunteer Alice Wiggin. The kits, assembled in decorative tins or boxes include many useful items: scissors, buttons, thread, needles, safety pins, and measuring tapes. The tins (many which are “found” from among our item donations or provided by friends), run the gamut from one-of-a-kind keepsake boxes to novelty candy tins (even a Toblerone chocolate box). 

Alice has provided these sewing kits for nearly 20 years, and makes 5-6 kits a week. The items that go in the sewing kits are all donated. In fact, Alice has a handout that she carries with her to give to people she thinks might be able to help. An active Concord Piecemakers member, Alice also has many contacts in the quilting world who contribute thread, needles, pins and the like. Alice says she never has enough thread, scissors or measuring tapes. Please consider donating some of these items, or have fun putting together a kit yourself. These kits fly off the shelves.

Thanks, Alice, for your dedication and long-term commitment to Household Goods. Providing our clients with these thoughtful, practical kits is one more way we’re helping people make a home.