Story of Success: Susan

Jan 9, 2016

Susan is an energetic mother of four adult children who recently lost her apartment in Fitchburg after she discovered it had many problems, including bedbugs, fleas, and mold.  Because her daughter and two granddaughters live with her, the mold was a special concern to Susan.  With the help of the Section 8 housing program, Susan was able to get a very nice apartment in a new city; however, she had no furniture.  Because of the mold, they had to leave almost all of their belongings, taking only their clothes with them.  When they arrived at their new apartment, they had only two air mattresses to share between the four of them.  

SMOC Mobile Stabilization Program, a nonprofit that seeks to improve the lives of low-income individuals and families, referred Susan to Household Goods.  At Household Goods, Susan was able to get most of what they needed for their new apartment including a wall unit, large bookshelf, portable crib, love seat, a television, dining table and chairs, china closet, a bed, a chair, and a very special bureau.  Susan told volunteers that she is “truly blessed” for all that they received and that they are able to make a new home for themselves.  Their new home is tidy and comfortable, and her granddaughters are happy and content.

The Jammed Bureau Drawer

Not only is Susan grateful to Household Goodsfor her experiences there, but Household Goods and an Household Goods donor are grateful to Susan!  For several days after moving the new furniture into their home, they were unable to open the jammed-shut bottom drawer of their new bureau.  Finally, Susan’s daughter was able to pull the drawer open.  Much to their surprise, the drawer was full of everything from family photos to jewelry to legal documents.  Unbeknownst to the donor, when he dropped it off at Household Goods, the bottom drawer still contained items very important to their family.  Susan contacted Household Goods right away.  The donor was contacted and met with Susan to retrieve his family’s mementoes.  Many of the items had important sentimental value to him, and he told Susan, “It’s good to see honest people in this world.”  When she told a volunteer about her discovery and her desire to return the items to its rightful owner, Susan exclaimed that she was “so glad that God trusted me to find this.”  

A Second Chance

Susan describes an early life that has been very challenging.  She has struggled with abuse, addiction, and incarceration.  For many years, other adults parented her children.  Susan celebrates the fact that she has been out of prison and sober for seven years.  She feels blessed that she has new, stronger relationships with her children and that she is able to help raise her granddaughters.  Susan remembers one Household Goods volunteer telling her “everyone deserves a second chance.”  Susan is grateful for a safe, solid, and comfortable home for her granddaughters, daughter, and herself.  Now that this important and basic need has been met, Susan plans to focus her efforts on helping others, with hopes of setting up a ministry for women who are newly released from prison.