Story of Success – David

Feb 16, 2017

David is a veteran who, for years, spent more birthdays and holidays in the hospital than out, facing a variety of medical issues. But for David, who moved to Massachusetts this past year, things have turned around for the better. Thanks to the medical care he is receiving, his health has improved, and he did not spend his birthday or a single holiday in 2106 in the hospital. Plus, he has the keys to his own apartment. Says David of his new home, “it’s the best apartment in Boston.”

The apartment was empty, though, which is why Veteran Homestead, Leominster, referred David to Household Goods. Knowing something about furniture refinishing and repairing, he was able to spot what furniture would work for his new apartment. In addition to furniture and basic household goods, he enjoyed picking out artwork for his walls and wicker shelving for his den.

As Household Goods volunteer Keith guided David through the showroom, David sometimes found the options available “overwhelming.” But he left with a truck filled with furniture and other items that would help fill his empty apartment, saying, “I’m 51 years old, and it feels like I can finally start my life over. My health is improving, and I have my own apartment, furnished with all these beautiful goods. I’m just so grateful.”