Story of Success: Charlene

Jan 9, 2016

Charlene Ferreira is a beautiful 26-year old woman with a physical disability; she uses a wheelchair for all of her mobility.  Until recently, Charlene lived with her parents, but she had always dreamt of living independently.  In February, she signed a lease for an apartment, giving her an opportunity to fulfill that dream.  One last obstacle stood in her way; Charlene needed furniture.  

Charlene is a client at Boston Community Medical Group, a nonprofit committed to providing community-based care to individuals with complex physical disabilities.  A member of Charlene’s team referred her to Household Goods where she picked out every item she needed to finish furnishing her apartment.  Charlene’s new apartment is open and cheery.  She has made it her own space by decorating it with her favorite color, pink.  

Charlene says “what I like most about having my own apartment is independence… I am free to make my own decisions.  When I first got my apartment, I was worried because I did not know where I was going to find furniture, but at Household Goods, I found everything I was looking for!”  Charlene wants all the volunteers to know that “because of Household Goods, my house looks wonderful.”

Charlene says “Thank you, thank you to Household Goods for helping me, for being there.”