Remembering Household Goods’ Board President Barbara Howland

Jul 18, 2023

With very heavy hearts, we share the sad and sudden news that our Board President, Barbara Howland, passed away on Saturday, just weeks after a diagnosis of late stage pancreatic cancer.

Barbara served at the helm of the Household Goods Board of Directors beginning in March 2019. Barbara’s calm, constant leadership and ability to get things done saw Household Goods through the pandemic and the completion of a $2.2 million capital campaign and expansion. Her leadership style was characterized by patience and practicality, diplomacy and heart. She opened every board meeting with a recent quote from a client – a reminder to all that despite all the challenges, changes, and tasks at hand, Household Goods must always put the needs of our clients first.
Barbara led by example. No matter what was needed, Barbara was always the first one to raise her hand. She not only served on the board, but also wrote grants, made reminder calls for our clients, and so much more. Just two months ago, she joined our Boston College Move Out effort, spending the day at BC collecting much-needed items and inspiring many others to do the same.

Barbara will be greatly missed by all who knew, loved, and worked with her.