Household Goods Has a New Look

Jul 23, 2014

The founders, board, staff and volunteers of Household Goods Recycling of Massachusetts'(HGRM) are pleased to present our simplified name and fresh new logo, which you will now see on the home page of our website!

As you look at it, please take a moment to reflect on who we are and what we do:

Household Goods provides a full range of household items free of charge for people in need. We accept donations of gently used items that help our clients make a home. Our compassionate, dedicated donors and volunteers respect, assist and care about our clients. We are committed to helping our clients get a head start on a new life.

From HGRM to Household Goods – All in a Name

So why was this update necessary? For years we’ve been called by variations of many different names ranging from HGRM to Acton Recycling Ministry to Hugroom to Household Goods Recycling Ministry, and everything in between. Many people looking to donate or volunteer had heard of us but couldn’t remember what we were called or how to find us. Others had seen our sign but had no idea what we were about.

The solution was to choose one name to use consistently. After considering hundreds of names, it became clear that with 24 years behind us, the best choice was to simply be Household Goods. For similar reasons, we hoped to find a logo that would clue people in to what we do, and reflect our welcoming, caring and respectful culture. Professional consultant Charlie Conn (via ESC) with creative team Priscilla White Sturges and Ed Bernard (all working pro bono) proposed new, warm colors to communicate the overall feel of the organization, and designed a logo that relates to what we do. It centers on a home (depicted by a house with an open door) and is surrounded by some of the most useful items we provide – lamps, chairs and frying pans. The overall graphic is circular, suggesting movement and the constant flow of goods, and evoking the warm, welcoming sunshine of a new day. We hope you like it!

The streamlined name and colorful logo will be paired with our time-tested tagline, “Helping People Make a Home.” These three elements, used together, communicate and represent our culture and mission.

We will begin to use “Household Goods” rather than HGRM right away. We hope it will be easier for you to tell your friends about us! 

Please feel free to stop by anytime to see the new look in person or if you have any questions. We are all very happy with the outcome and hope you are, too. As always, we appreciate your support.