What a Morning for a Mattress Miracle

Dec 7, 2022

Dozens of Household Goods volunteers created an orange wave of appreciation for the arrival of 140 new mattresses donated by Mark’s Moving & Storage, Inc.

Beds are one of the most critical items we provide, free of charge, to thousands of families in need every year. Just when our winter mattress supply was  starting to look bleak, Mark Silverman, President and CEO, came to the rescue for the fifth year in a row with mattresses to donate – totaling hundreds of mattresses valued at $100,000 to be provided to people who had been sleeping on the floor of their largely empty apartments.

Mark Silverman was on hand to open the showroom doors and help unload the mattresses. “The news is full of stories about bad things that happen. The volunteers at Household Goods make good things happen, day after day. We’re happy to help out by being part of a good news story.” And news it was! Kate Merrill of WBZ-TV was there with her news crew – watch the segment below.