Making Sure Your Donations will Help Someone in Need

Oct 17, 2022

So you’ve discovered that you have extra stuff in your home and imagine that someone in need might be able to use it. You are in luck! Household Goods helps people in need make a home.

Most of our clients have been through a difficult period of crisis or transition. While they finally have a place to live, they have no means to furnish it. During their one appointment at Household Goods, our aim is to give them things that will last, that will be practical and useful, but will also “spark joy” and brighten their future.

So how do you know which of your items are “the right stuff” for Household Goods’ clients?

First, please check the Household Goods Donation Guidelines for a list of furniture and household items that we accept. With 30 years of history behind us, we have learned which items clients are hoping to find, and which items move slowly or not at all, taking up space needed for more essential furnishings. For example, items like oversized entertainment centers, extra large rugs, and wine glasses may seem useful, but are impractical in small apartments.

Next, please do an objective quality check before bringing it to us. Our clients can’t use items that don’t work, have missing pieces, are broken, stained, ripped, chipped, moldy or have a bad smell. Our core value is to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and we cannot offer our clients things that are in disrepair, nor can we take on the disposal cost of such items. And please remember to empty any drawers and cabinets – we won’t be able to track down the deed to grandpa’s farm after his bureau is in a new home!

If you’re not sure about whether your donation fits our guidelines, don’t hesitate to email a photo of your item to We’ll let you know if it’s the right stuff to help people in need make a home. Thank you for your understanding, generosity and support of Household Goods.