Join Diane and Herb Chellis in Monthly Giving

Mar 27, 2023

Diane Chellis supports Household Goods in many ways, from volunteering regularly as a room assistant during the client shift to co-chairing our Development Committee. She was one of the key organizers of our extremely successful 30th anniversary gala in 2022.

Diane is also generous in her financial support of Household Goods. “I see how much goes into getting the goods that are donated by the community to the families who need them most day after day,” says Diane. “I know that consistent financial support is important to fund the ongoing needs of helping people make a home.”

She and her husband, Herb, are regular monthly donors. “Giving monthly is convenient for us – the automatic payments are a time saver and mean we don’t have to think about it. We also like spreading our donation out over the course of the year, easing some of the ‘end of year’ financial commitments. I know, too, that a regular flow of funds helps Household Goods in its day-to-day planning.”

Interested in joining Diane, Herb, and others who donate each month? Monthly donors can make automated monthly payments of any amount by credit card, or by sending in monthly cash or check donations. It’s simple to set up, saves time and effort, and helps Household Goods help people make a home, month after month. Learn more here.