Household Goods Needs Volunteers to Collect Household Items During the Boston College Move-Out

Every year for the past 11 years Household Goods has worked with Boston College to pick up numerous household items donated by students who are graduating or departing for the summer. These items, such as microwaves, lamps, coffee makers, vacuums, etc., are a great resource for Household Goods to subsequently provide to families and individuals in need.

Starting May 12 and continuing through May 29, Household Goods is in need of many volunteers to help with this effort. There are different roles and times for volunteers including helping to pick up goods at BC in designated areas, and unloading and moving the items to quarantine areas when the vehicles return to Household Goods.COVID protocols will be strictly followed including mask wearing, social distancing and limited contact with students.

Learn about the roles needed and sign up for a slot using the button here: 

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