Story of Success: Franklin

Franklin came to Household Goods after having been referred by Lazarus House Ministries.  While looking at the furniture and thinking carefully about his needs, Franklin talked about the medical problems he has faced the past several years, including many tumors on his left arm and other parts of his body.  Thankfully, Franklin has had many successful surgeries to remove the tumors and improve his health, making it possible for him to make his own home.  When at Household Goods, Franklin said that he was eager to set up his apartment as quickly as possible, as he had a final surgery scheduled the following week!  Franklin and his visiting nurse both wanted to see his home fully set up, so that Franklin could rest and recuperate very successfully following the surgery. 

While at Household Goods, Franklin enjoyed being able to choose his new belongings, including art for his walls, curtains that were just the right length for his windows, and a tablecloth and napkins that were exactly the color he was looking for.  When choosing furniture, Franklin chose an ottoman to accompany his new small couch, explaining that because he has nerve problems related to his health issues, an ottoman helps make him more comfortable when sitting.  He also chose a dresser, recliner, and coffee table to fit his new apartment perfectly. 

Mary, the volunteer who accompanied Franklin in the showroom, made sure that Franklin sat on couches and chairs he was considering to make sure he chose items that were a good fit and very comfortable, steering Franklin to a comfy seat cushion for the chair Franklin chose for his new dining table.

Franklin left with a truck full of household goods and saying “I’m so grateful.  Thank you so much for everything.”