Finally, a Home

Dec 18, 2017

Sharon never imagined she and her son could become homeless. An army veteran, she had it all – a successful career, a stable home, a bright future.

Then the unexpected happened. Sharon lost her job while battling a long illness. Without work, her savings ran out, and she lost her home and everything in it. Sharon and her son moved into a homeless shelter. With the support of a veteran’s agency, Sharon was able to find a steady job and a place to live.

Finally a home, but nothing in it. Literally empty.

They slept on the floor every night until the veteran’s agency referred them to Household Goods. Within days, Sharon had all the furniture and household items to turn their empty living space into a real home.

She chose cookware, dishes, beds, tables and chairs, and more to make it her own. Grateful, she said, “It would have cost thousands of dollars to get all of this. It wasn’t a hand-out. It was a hand-up.”