Donations from Cape Cod

Mar 2, 2016

Linda and John Stackhouse have been our good friends and neighbors on Ministerial Drive for thirty-five years! In January of 2015 they purchased a home in Barnstable on Cape Cod, around the corner from the summer home they have owned for many years, and last spring they sold their Concord home.  The new house in Barnstable was furnished, so this meant condensing the contents of three homes into one!  Initially they moved everything from Concord to the Cape as they did not have time to sort through items before their Concord house was sold.

Pat and I made several trips to Barnstable last winter and each time brought home bags and boxes of donations for Household Goods. Items included just about everything from sheets, bedding, pillows, curtains, rugs, towels, dishes, glasses, pots & pans to sofas and chests.   Several times John drove his truck, filled with household goods, from Cape Cod to Concord and then Pat and I would make the delivery to Household Goods, accompanied by our Cocker Spaniel Bailey.  John has a tendency to over pack the truck, so Pat & I were sure that we would have a catastrophe or be arrested on the way to Household Goods!  We cautiously drove back roads and sighed with relief when we arrived at Household Goods!  One volunteer at Household Goods asked, “Where did you get all of this stuff?!!!”

Once you hear Household Goods’ heartwarming story, you become committed to making donations and helping people get their donations delivered to Household Goods.  We are thrilled to be a small part of this amazing organization.  Special thanks to the Stackhouses for their generosity.  They tell us there will be more to come!  Thank you also to all the dedicated Household Goods volunteers.  Great job!

Karen and Pat McCarthy