A Different Kind of Love Story

Feb 1, 2016

Recently, Household Goods received a warm, soft handmade quilt that arrived with an explanatory note. The note reminded us that in 1997, Grand Fork, North Dakota, suffered a devastating flood. Tens of thousands of people were displaced by the rising waters and the downtown fire that followed.

A group of quiltmakers decided to do something, so they made warm quilts for displaced people.

The donor of Household Goods’ new quilt said that her family had received one when they were displaced. She wrote that they were “fortunate” because they were able to move back to their home after only a few months. Others were not so lucky; their homes were totally destroyed.

This quilt tells a love story that is a little different from what we usually read at this time of year. One corner of the quilt bears a square with the name of the quilting guild and text that reads in part “made with love for you.” Although the family cherished this quilt, the donor sent it to Household Goods hoping that it would provide comfort to a new family just as it had once comforted her own family.

The quilt and its story are heartwarming reminders that people often want to help others in times of need. Floods, fires, and other disasters can elicit numerous acts of kindness and generosity. However, remember that every month is a time of need for someone. Perhaps you too can help by passing on gently used household goods just as this quilt’s owner did.

Originally published February 2014; Updated and republished February 2016