ClutterClarity Way Workshop Participants Learn a New Way to Declutter

Oct 13, 2020

62 people joined us on October 6 for a highly informative workshop on decluttering and came away with useful advice to help them in their efforts. Laura Moore, M. Ed., Principal of ClutterClarity LLC, led participants through an essential new way of thinking and three life skills we all need to make any decluttering/downsizing project easier, even enjoyable. Laura shared real-life stories to illustrate how people are able to use the ClarityWay process to go from stuck to self-confident.
We’d like to thank Laura Moore for sharing her time and talents with Household Goods. Laura has honed the The ClutterClarity Way, a unique holistic approach that turns the important, yet ordinary work of decluttering and organizing our homes and lives into an enjoyable, rewarding experience.
Through this event, we raised over $2,100, which will allow us to continue helping families by providing the furniture and household items they need to make a home.