Story of Support: Janice Battle

Janice Battle is a local interior designer and owner of Beyond the Garden. Her husband, John, is an architect at Battle Associates. For years, Janice has referred her clients to Household Goods as a place to donate furniture as they prepared to renovate or redecorate their home interiors. After Janice and John received our annual report, they decided to include Household Goods in their charitable giving. “When I read the report, I realized that even with volunteer time and donated goods, Household Goods relies on financial donations from individuals to keep the doors open,” said Janice.

As a professional in the business of helping people design and furnish their homes, Janice appreciates the importance of choice in creating one’s own home environment. Janice comments, “it is very empowering for people who have been through tough times to walk into Household Goods and personally choose the items they want to bring home, live with, and use day to day.”

A Great Solution for Unwanted Items

Janice also appreciates the fact that Household Goods exists as a resource for her conscientious clients concerned about what to do with home furnishings that are perfectly good, but that they no longer want or need. She explains, “peoples’ tastes change or families outgrow things. We all feel attached to items that hold memories or feel guilty throwing away something that is still useful. Household Goods is the perfect solution. It’s easier to give away a dresser that’s been in the garage or upgrade to a new mattress knowing that someone out there needs them and will be able to enjoy and get comfort from them.” 

Janice and John understand that a team of volunteers and donations of goods are critical, but not enough. Without financial support, Household Goods would not be able to fulfill its mission of helping people make a home. Household Goods is grateful to Janice and John and each of our donors for making it possible to help those in need.