Who is eligible for transportation support? 

Individuals and families who will be receiving furniture from Household Goods who:

  1. Need nearly everything to furnish their empty homes and
  2. Have exhausted all of their other transportation options and
  3. Have someone at their referring agency committed to and responsible for  working closely with them, from choosing furniture at Household Goods to moving it into their homes.


What is the application approval process? 

Each application is reviewed and appropriate support is provided based on availability of resources, needs of the client, and level of support by the referring agency. 


What transportation support might be available?

For qualified individuals, we may be able to:

  • Provide the referring agency with a UHAUL gift card to cover the cost of a rental truck
  • Cost-share with the referring agency for a professional mover
  • Coordinate transportation of goods from Household Goods for individual clients referred by different agencies, but who are seeking a move to the same geographical area
  • Fund a professional mover for clients with the most need and fewest resources
  • Connect agencies with organizations or companies offering pro bono transportation of goods from Household Goods (limited availability)