A New Truck in Town

Nov 20, 2019

Household Goods is thrilled to be driving a new box truck thanks to a Jean Wood Preston Grant from First Parish in Lincoln and a grant from the Agnes M. Lindsay Trust. These grants allowed us to replace an aging vehicle with a safer, more reliable truck that will have lower operating costs. 

In order to furnish over 2,500 homes each year with over 60,000 donated items, Household Goods relies on both individual donations as well as partnerships with local commercial businesses.  The truck plays a critical role in the supply chain as it is used to pick up donations from partners such as Rotman’s Furniture in Worcester, Siesta Sleepworks in Acton, and Clean Out Your House/Buy and Consign in Waltham. Additionally, the truck is used to accept large scale donations of lamps, mattresses and other needed items from hotels and dorms as they are refurbished.  Each spring, Household Goods volunteers spend ten days on the Boston College campus collecting household items as students vacate their dorms. This year, they collected over 6,500 items, including small appliances, lamps, furniture and bags of linens. The truck is essential in transporting all of this back to Household Goods where it can help people make a home rather than ending up in a landfill. 

Household Goods is run primarily by volunteers, and each year over 850 of them contribute 38,000 hours of work in all parts of the operation– including driving and volunteering as crew on the truck. They appreciate their new ride and, on behalf of our clients, thank you to First Parish and the Agnes Lindsay Trust.