$85,000 Matching Gift Challenge Launched to Support the Build the Way Home Capital Campaign

Feb 12, 2020

Household Goods announces a Matching Gift Challenge as part of the Build the Way Home project to support much-needed improvements to the building and site where donations are received and people in need come to receive free furniture and goods. As part of an overall $2 million Capital Campaign, the Matching Gift Challenge will run until April 15, and any donations up to $85,000 will be matched by founders Ira and Barbara Smith and four dedicated volunteers. Funds will support construction of a road that will circle the building, add an additional 4,000 square feet of building space and create a second entrance to receive incoming donations

“Household Goods strives to ensure that essential items are available throughout the year to those in need,” said Sharon Martens, Executive Director. “To meet our needs year-round we not only receive donations of goods from individuals but also rely on hotels, universities and retailers. Balancing the donations with our limited amount of space has been a real challenge, and in order to continue to serve the rapidly rising need for those who don’t have the most basic of goods, we must expand and reconfigure our space.”

To double your impact and contribute to the Matching Challenge for the Build the Way Home Campaign any amount is welcome) online or to download a pledge form, please click here

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