Broaden Your Impact


Volunteer-led committees provide the organizational structure required to serve 2,500 families every year and are critical to the success of Household Goods. We appreciate anyone with the skills and interests to consider joining one of our committees.

Development Committee

Household Goods’ important operations are supported entirely by fundraising! Our volunteer run Development
Committee raises the money we need to keep our doors open and our clients’ homes furnished. We

  • brainstorm to create new and innovative fundraising opportunities and think about how to use established programs like Giving Tuesday
  • work to support programs such as the Transportation Assistance Program and Fund a Bed
  • search for and write grants to support the work of Household Goods
  • plan special fundraising events, such as the Gala or an Open House
  • reach out to friends old and new to introduce them to Household Goods

Committee members have experience in fundraising and/or a willingness to use their network and that of Household Goods to make connections to those who can support our funding needs.

Operations Committee

Household Goods provides more than 60,000 items each year to 2,500 families.

The Operations Committee makes the strategic decisions so this can happen…including

  • how we provide services to clients and agencies
  • our donation guidelines
  • how we accept, process, store, and pickup donations
  • facility and vehicle management
  • safety initiatives

Committee members have significant experience in one of the Household Goods operational areas (as listed above) and/or particular specialized subject matter expertise relevant to these operations.

Communications Team

The Communications Team is responsible for communicating with Household Goods’ supporters, referring agencies, and volunteers to keep them engaged, connected and up-to-date.

The Team manages the complete communications plan, which encompasses a combination of digital, print, and in-person communications, and ensures communications are consistent with Household Goods official brand policies.

The Comm Team is always looking for members who are willing to bring their skills and/or interest in marketing and communications to the table.

We welcome support for:

  • Writing – blog posts, newsletter stories, annual report, one-time brochures, etc.
  • Social media – support the social media coordinator
  • Photography – clients, volunteers, etc.
  • Graphic design – fliers, annual report, brochures, etc.

Acquisitions Committee

Our goal is to have all essential items available for each client on the day of their appointment.

How? We seek out opportunities for large volume donations from commercial donors to augment the donations we receive from the community.

Who? The Acquisitions Committee finds and solicits large volume donations of the most essential items from commercial sources including manufacturers, colleges, hotels and retailers.

Committee members have one or more of the following:

  • sales experience
  • ability to build relationships and follow through with leads
  • connections and/or knowledge of people in retail, hotels, renovation businesses, colleges, or manufacturers

Volunteer Committee

It’s a fact: Household Goods could not function without its volunteers. Nearly 1,000 volunteers a year come together to help fulfill our mission.

The Volunteer Committee provides support for Volunteer activities in three main areas:

  • recruiting
  • orientation and training, including bi-monthly new volunteer orientation sessions
  • appreciation, including special events and ongoing appreciation efforts

Volunteer Committee members enjoy interacting with fellow volunteers. They bring creative ideas for community outreach, coordinate closely with the Communications Team, and provide support for the Volunteer Office.

Governance Committee

Rules, Regulations, Best Practices, Policies, Board Development… these are some of the areas that our Governance Committee oversees.

This committee makes sure all of our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

  • They strive to ensure Household Goods is following non-profit and Board best practices
  • They create and review our policies.

Committee members have experience serving on non-profit boards and knowledge of board best practices.

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee assists the Board of Directors in providing oversight of the financial affairs of Household Goods. The Committee:

  • reviews and approves all capital expenditures referring those greater than $25,000 to the Board for their approval
  • reviews and approves the annual operating budget and recommends approval by the Board
  • reviews the financial results as well as the performance of the investment portfolio and recommends any changes to the Board
  • reviews and discusses the annual audited financial statements with the external auditor

Members of the Committee should have a financial background and an understanding of financial reporting and investment fundamentals.

IT Committee

The IT Committee administers and manages the IT Infrastructure used at Household Goods, including:

  • onsite physical and wireless networks and VoIP-based phone system
  • laptops and computers used by staff and volunteers as well as peripherals (printers, copiers, etc.)
  • software systems (Google Workspace, custom client/donor-pickup scheduler software, Salesforce, WordPress-based website, eTapestry Donor management)
  • Internet domains, name services, security certificates
  • Security compliance and data backups

Members of the Committee can assist with short term IT related projects. They have skills and experience in a variety of areas, including:

  • General system/network administration to provide backup coverage and support of the on-site network and MS Windows-based laptops/computers/tablets/peripherals
  • IT technical support for the staff and volunteers as technical issues arise (things “break”)
  • Specific experience with our core software systems