Thank you, Diginovations

Dec 12, 2016

DigiNovations came to Household Goods to present us with a $500 check and to renew its commitment to the mission and work of Household Goods. All 11 DigiNovations employees came, each wearing a festive Santa hat.

They gathered for a photograph that included Barbara and Ira Smith and Board President, Mimi Deck Rutledge, followed by a tour of Household Goods.

Whit Wales, President, Executive Producer, and Creative Officer, explained why the company chose to support Household Goods: “You’re the one giving to us! We are neighbors to people committed to helping neighbors. We had the opportunity to make a film for Household Goods. It was a very positive experience, and we want to renew our support and interest for this important organization.”

Watch the two videos DigiNovations has made for Household Goods: the Household Goods Story and Barb and Ira Tell Their Story. And find out more about why DigiNovations supports Household Goods here.