Most Successful Boston College Move Out Ever

Donations of household items from Boston College students up 7% in 2016.

For the sixth year in a row, Household Goods has partnered with Boston College for what has become its biggest donation event of the year. In the week leading up to Boston College’s graduation and immediately after the ceremony, thousands of BC students move out of their dorms and leave behind usable household goods, including lamps, microwaves, coffee makers, vacuums, sheets, towels, blankets and more for the Acton-based organization that helps people in need make a home.

“Each year, we collect more and more goods that are critical to keeping Household Goods stocked with the essential items that families need to set up their homes for months to come,” says Sharon Martens, Household Goods Executive Director. “This year, collections are up over 200% from 2011, the year we started the program. Boston College has done a good job in getting the word out about their BC Cleans program and emphasizing how important this effort is in living up to BC’s motto of being ‘men and women for others.’ “

Continues Martens, “The volume of goods we collect is staggering. This year, we took in nearly 7% more items than in 2015. This included 1,572 boxes and bags of linens, towels, and other bedding, 1,973 small items (trash cans, ironing boards, wastebaskets, artwork), 165 microwaves, 708 small appliances, and 752 lamps.”

The number of volunteers who step up to help is equally, if not more, astounding. It took 650 volunteer hours to collect, load and unload these donations, with people helping at BC and back at the Acton facility. “We’re incredibly grateful to our regular volunteers without whom this monumental effort could not happen, as well as special groups who pitched in during the event,” says Martens. “For example, Monsters in the Basement sent 20 members on the evening of Graduation to unload 132 feet of packed trucks. It took them three hours [60 man hours!].”