Household Goods Updates Donation Guidelines for 2016


If you have questions, contact Sharon Martens, executive director of Household Goods, at 978-635-1710, ext. 7, or

ACTON, MA — The start of a new year provides a chance to make changes based on the lessons of the passing year. Every year Household Goods receives, sorts and distributes thousands of items, and it becomes obvious when certain types of items are no longer useful to clients, sitting in the display area unclaimed and taking up space where more needed items could be offered.

With its clients’ needs foremost in mind, Household Goods Inc. has updated its donation guidelines for 2016. While the organization continues to accept a full range of items to help people in need furnish their homes, it will no longer be accepting desks, desk chairs, telephones or empty picture frames at its showroom at 530 Main St.  

According to Brigid Bieber, volunteer coordinator at Household Goods, “Each client is allowed only one visit here. We strive to make sure that the items clients need most are available to them on the day of that appointment. Based on our experience, the items we no longer accept were not being taken by our clients. Items that don’t meet our guidelines and that sometimes slip through our doors end up costing precious space, time and money.”

The new, easier-to-read donation guidelines can be viewed at the Household Goods website, “We appreciate that so many of our donors read and follow our guidelines and hope the new format makes it even easier to see what we can and cannot accept,” Bieber adds.

Household Goods Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides a full range of donated furniture and household items, free of charge, to help people in need make a home. Household Goods gratefully accepts donations of usable furniture and household items at 530 Main St. in Acton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-noon. For more information, please visit