Household Goods is hosting a Donor Appreciation Day on April 30 from 9am-2pm.  The event is to thank our donors who, together, give over 50,000 pieces of furniture and household items every year to be provided, free of charge, to people in need to help them make a home.

When donors bring their goods to 530 Main Street in Acton on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings from 9am-12n, they are greeted at the door of the building by volunteers who help them unload their cars and trucks, inventory their items and provide a tax receipt. A vast majority of donors have never seen the inside of the building, which, as Executive Director Sharon Martens says, “is where the magic happens.”

Donor Appreciation Day is a chance to go behind the scenes and learn how volunteers sort, process and display the donated items received, and understand the way Household Goods provides clients a dignified and respectful “shopping” experience. There will be music, face painting, fun family activities and more. Donors past, present and future are welcome to stop by, have a snack and learn a little more about how your donations help 2,500 families in need make homes each year.

Household Goods would like to thank ClutterClarity for its generous sponsorship of Donor Appreciation Day.

About ClutterClarity: Organizing, downsizing or moving? ClutterClarity’s unique process makes any life transition easier, even enjoyable. Rest assured, whether coaching you or doing the work for you, instead of worry and doubt, you’ll move forward with clarity and confidence. Donor Appreciation Day attendees can get FREE PDF copy of Paper Clarity: What to Keep, Where and When to Shred! To learn more, visit

Thanks to our supporters, who have helped in many ways