Donation Guidelines – FAQs

Dec 22, 2021

Even if you do not volunteer on a donation shift, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines so you can answer questions from friends and family who ask – and they will! Thank you for taking the time to review them.

Treating our clients and donors with dignity and respect is at the forefront of all we do. Providing good quality items to our clients is essential to that effort. It does not benefit our clients to accept things that are stained, broken, missing parts, and/or have mold or strong odors. These items, when accepted, will all end up in our dumpster, and cost us thousands of dollars which could be better spent. When faced with the awkward task of turning items away, please keep in mind the importance of making all of our donors feel welcome and appreciated for their efforts. They have chosen to share their belongings and taken the time to get them to us. We rely on them as part of the community that makes Household Goods thrive.


What if an appliance or electronic item is not specifically listed?

Our Operations Committee has updated the list of the appliances and electronics that we accept. If the item is not specifically listed we do not accept it. The list of what we take is based on many factors including the usefulness of the item, the amount of space a client would need to store it, safety, ease of use without instructions etc.

What is the oldest infant and toddler item we can accept?

Infant and toddler items should meet current safety standards, and, except car seats, be no more than 10 years old. Car seats must be less than 5 years old or have at least one year before expiration.

What if an item is missing parts?

Please make sure all donations have all their parts and needed hardware – especially bed frames. Hook on headboards must have the accompanying rails.

Why don’t we take stemware?

We simply don’t have the space to store and offer clients the amount of stemware that would be donated should we accept it and our clients are looking for sturdy, everyday, stemless drinking glasses.

Are we picking up donations again?

Although our donation drop-offs are back to pre-pandemic times. We are still working to build back our truck crews. We are only scheduling 10-20% of our pre-pandemic pickups and have a long waitlist. If someone you know needs a pickup, please help us set expectations and ask them to contact the DAAM (donor answering and appointment making) volunteers at or call 978-635-1710 ext 4. Please also consider driving or volunteering on a truck crew if you are able.