Couch drive update

Due to an overwhelming response and very generous donors, we are at capacity and cannot schedule new pick ups as part of this drive.

11 on September 11

Acton & Concord Couches Only Drive

We are holding a one-day Couches Only Drive in Acton and Concord – Our goal is to pick up 11 Couches on September 11.

We will be able to only pick up couches that day, but you may drop off other items during our drop-off hours (Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-noon and Saturdays 9am-2pm), schedule another pick-up, or connect with ReSupply.

Donation Guidelines

When considering donating your couch, please check that it is in good condition (no rips, stains, or tears), will last, and an item our clients will be proud to have in their homes.

Our Donation Guidelines can be found here.

Pick Up Donation

We appreciate a minimum $35 donation for our limited pickup service. This helps covers our gas and insurance for our truck, as we do not charge our clients nor social service agencies.