Congratulations to Barb and Ira Smith

May 8, 2013

On Tuesday, May 7, 2013, Barb and Ira Smith won the Community Service Award given by Enterprise Bank during its Celebration of Excellence. The Community Service Award “honors and celebrates a local person or for-profit business organization that has harnessed the power of their assets, resources, and visibility to make a significant, positive impact on their community.”

Enterprise Bank gives awards to people in different categories, including educators and entrepreneurs. You can read more about the Smiths and the other winners here.

Barb and Ira were noted as people who “selflessly and modestly devoted themselves to improving the lives of others. “ Barbara made the acceptance speech for the couple and pointed out that without HGRM, she might be “in a recliner vegetating,” while Ira might be out “hugging trees.” Listen to her speech, and you will understand why it received the standing ovation that it did.