Boston College Move Out 2017

May 31, 2017

Every May, as Boston College prepares for graduation, Household Goods prepares to spend 10 days on campus, where we will collect unwanted household items from the dorms in a monumental effort that brings together long-time volunteers, individuals, and special groups all working as one to help people make a home.

Here are some highlights of the BC Move Out 2017. Enjoy!

Some make lunches, and organize the trucks and crews. Others sort through, box up and empty out the dorms. Others drive trucks, and pack and load up trucks and Vods. More teams offload everything back at Household Goods, and sort, organize, and prepare the items for distribution to our clients.

This year, we collected:

  • 1,476 boxes and bags of linens, dishes, hangers, etc.
  • 1,751 small items
  • 648 small appliances
  • 137 microwaves
  • 1,026 lamps
  • 536 tables, chairs, bookcases and other furniture
  • 1,552 other assorted items

Grand total: 5,650 items

Neither words nor pictures can ever express how grateful we are to the hundreds of volunteers who came together for this year’s Boston College BC Move Out. A million thanks to all who helped, from those who kicked off this year’s project the first day – Mothers Day! – to Monday’s crew, who tackled the monumental undertaking on graduation day, and all the days in between and following.